This space is dedicated to two longtime friends expressing their life’s perspectives on situations, issues and characters we come across.

Our goals are to provide a forum for open and honest discussion and resources to be a better you!

Hello! I’m Claire and I am a Haitian American trying to figure how to live the best sort of life. I am originally from Brooklyn, NY and now I reside in Central Florida between the craziness of Tampa and the crazy tourists of Orlando! I live for intellectual conversations, finding new places to eat and pursuing life goals that will allow me to help impact the people who share the Earth with me.

Hey! I’m Jennifer aka Nani. Native Floridian. I am a slightly crunchy mother of three, recently separated. I believe in paying it forward. Dancing when no one is looking.  Living life moment by moment and the power of  tranquility in nature. I am excited to have you  join me as I open up about my struggles with depression and give a peek inside  my journey towards independence . Hope you enjoy!

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