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Cutting The Cord

Sometimes we ignore the expiration date….

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Interracial Relationships Part 3: Where we would be without friends?!

Nani and I in 11th grade. 2004.

I have never had an issue making friends. If you talk to some of my them, they would say I have too many. Whether they are a true or filler friend, I feel that people come into your life for a reason. Though a good portion of my friends phenotypically mirror me, I have an abundance of interracial friendships. I have crossed the “racial” line platonically and romantically. If I were to get married tomorrow, you would think it was an invite to a mini UN convention. My friend’s backgrounds, cultures, beliefs and values all have some impact on my worldview. When I spend time with them and their loved  ones, I always walk away with more understanding and lessons.

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Interracial Relationships Part 2: Love The Swirl!

Love. It has the ability to blind some and open up others. Combine this with two people from different backgrounds and you are bound to have a story worth telling. At one point in America, interracial marriage was illegal. Though Loving v. Virginia , a landmark civil rights decision, invalidated laws prohibiting interracial marriage in 1967, interracial couples these days still feel some of those remnants of archaic thinking and intolerance.

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Interracial Relationships Part 1: The Exes

When we hear the word interracial, many people automatically assume black and white. However, interracial encompasses so much more. From Tex – Mex to the ainoko of Japan, we are surrounded by the beauty of cultural and ethnic fusions. These combinations can sometimes be the basis for various conflicts yet overwhelmingly, these mixes produce beautiful people, results and ideas. This week, we present to you a series of short interviews of people who are and/or have been engaged in interracial relationships.

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Work Friends: Proceed with Caution


We spend at least 8 hours daily from Monday to Friday in a space working towards a purpose in exchange for monetary compensation: work.

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A Letter to My Depressed Friend

Dear friend,
I wanted to talk to you about your depression. I know you two have been involved for a very long time and sometimes I feel like I just can’t handle the relationship that you two endure.

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The Pain of Cheating


Disclaimer: Cheating occurs in various forms and ultimately has no clear, cut winners.

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My Thoughts on the Current State

I am unimpressed. As I navigate through the jungle of life, I am constantly searching for indicators of this “great” America. How could this adjective be applied when we are average at best? American hypocrisy dictates that as an American, you wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but complain of all the social, political and socioeconomic ills meanwhile doing not a damn thing to change it.

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The Year of the Break Up..

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Why must I abide by your double standards? T.H.O.T vs Player

T.H.O.T (n.) – that hoe out there. A woman who enjoys sexual variety just as much as a man yet is stigmatized on a higher scale.
Player (n.) – a person who enjoys games. A man who is constantly lauded by society for his numerous female conquests.

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