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The Crossroads of Power and Sex

Power (n.) – the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality; physical strength and force exerted by something or someone

Sex (n.) – an act of love/pleasure between two or more consenting individuals; a biological facet that is inbreed in each homo sapien.

Power is attractive. The sense of euphoria and the awareness that is experienced by attaining a position of influence over others or a state can be intoxicating. Power takes many forms – a popular Starz program, the gratifying feeling of pushing your muscles to complete a marathon or the tantalizing feeling of your stroke into a warm cavity. Many of us feel that we have some and simultaneously abide by the ever more powerful structures set forth in our society. The consummation of two animals is one of the most intimate activities hard-wired for us to perform. Yet, there are times when the balance of power shifts in a nonconsensual fashion.


What does this hashtag mean to you? Weinstein may have flooded the gates but power has been used as a destructive force against many since the hunter/gather beginnings. One gender has historically been categorized as property, subservient and a means for endless gratification. She has been expected to rear offspring, stay silent and perform at his will. She has been called a whore, slut, prude and unsavory because of the succulent triangle that cradles in between the pelvic of life. Pimps have sold her out for as little as free and then society spits on her by giving her a record that will prevent her from becoming a functional thread in the fabric of her society. She was 16 years old and watching some television program when he came in and forced her to lay down on the bed for five minutes of painful fun. His groin was violated and when he sought out to share his story, he was told “You are now less than a man.” He was 5 years old and his mother did not notice that Uncle Tommy was spending a bit too much time with him in his room. Regardless of the gender inflicted, when power comes into play in the sex(ual) realm, there has to be consent. Without consent, these victims grow up and their pain manifests itself in various ways.

Who likes to fuck? I do. You do too. Sex is one of the most pleasurable acts and should be practiced on a consistent basis. The Earth is now populated with over seven billion individuals. They didn’t clone themselves or magically appear. Yet, society tells us that sex should be taboo. Abstinence before marriage is the only course of action. Girls, don’t wear those short skirts because you are inviting him to take that pearl. Be careful not to walk alone at night because there is some predator that has had his sick views reaffirmed that the less powerful are meat and free. We are sending the wrong message. She should be able to express her sexuality in her own way. She should be able to wear that thong bikini and not have her back accosted. He should be able to explore his sexuality and be given proper outlets to express himself. He should not be bullied because he understands his boundaries and needs permission in order to cross them.

The savage nature of power and sex festers because we continue to deny an ingrained aspect of us and perpetuate inaccurate depictions of what it means to a man or a woman. We must tackle that an imbalance exists and that the detriment of our society is inevitable without correcting the wrongs of those who use their power against those who did not consent theirs.


Have you ever been in a situation where your power was taken from you? How do you use your power to inflict good acts onto the world? How do you interpret the correlation between power and sex?

Please share your thoughts and comments below.

3 thoughts on “The Crossroads of Power and Sex”

  1. Great read…how do we begin to right those wrongs??? If girls express themselves by wearing whatever pleases them, the sexual temptation may be too great for some men to handle and tempting the weakness of men is playing with fire..girls are usually the ones that end up hurt, violated and traumatized. Im sorry but girls/ladies we have to protect ourselves and becareful when wearing those short skirts.

    1. Yes, we must protect ourselves but we need to spend more time teaching young men how to respect women. Women should not bear the brunt of this dynamic from both ends. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this post. ❤

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