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My Thoughts on the Current State

I am unimpressed. As I navigate through the jungle of life, I am constantly searching for indicators of this “great” America. How could this adjective be applied when we are average at best? American hypocrisy dictates that as an American, you wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but complain of all the social, political and socioeconomic ills meanwhile doing not a damn thing to change it.

No one political entity is perfect and each has inherent flaws. This is evident with the most recent presidential election. We were screwed from the onset. To the left was a career politician with some unsavory lowlights, a champion for family’s rights and half of the face to a foundation that took advantage of those in the third world. To the right was an uneducated, ignoramus who built a platform on the crevices of a horrible human being – misogynistic, prejudice and sexist. Alt – right is the latest iteration of white supremacy and Black Lives Matter is docile at best. It’s day 106 and so far, our credibility as the world’s super power is being diluted quicker than anticipated.

Why must we continue down the same path expecting different results? Healthcare expenditures are at an all time high meanwhile the care received is nonsensical. Healthcare professionals should be given sufficient time with their patients instead of being restricted by the various services which must be performed in a fifteen minute block to produce a black, bottom line. New mothers must race back to the workplace since this nation is one of a few in the first world that doesn’t have comprehensive maternity leave. Meanwhile, we wasted billions bombing an airspace that had no casualties after warning our Russian friends.

If you wear a hoodie and are not composed of the right mix of melanin, you may leave your house and never return. It is not fair to immediately blame the brothers in blue for the “mistakes” of the few but when a virus infects a cell and spreads, does that not make the whole body sick? There will be no community until transparency and justice are served on a consistent basis.

Spending millions to keep your nuclear family in New York and creating a position for your daughter is ludicrous and nepotism at its best. Mar A Lago is the new White House and as investigations continue, you are comforted by the temporary insulation of a fractured party. Let’s see if the ducks will remain in a row come 2018 when the seats become hot and available. As a people, we must do more than share posts on Facebook and send Snapchat rants. Engagement, knowledge and action are key to changing the American state. Placing women on an equal field will increase economic gains. Paying fair wages will naturally decrease social safety net dependence.

Stay woke. Challenge the system. Self educate. Generate multiple streams. Don’t forget your his/herstory. Plow your own path.

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  1. Thoughts provoking! There’s light at the end of every tunnel. Just like you mentioned; Self-education! Staying awake! Not forgetting one’s history, etc, is key……the road isn’t (will not) always (be) smooth but I believe things will turn out for good and blossom soon. God Bless America <3
    I love your blog :*

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