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Silver linings

As a kid, I think a lot of us wanted to fit in with the cool kids, the ones who always seemed to be having a good time. Getting older has really changed my perspective on this. Sure, I want to have friends that I have fun with but I have the most fun with the people I know I can count on. I no longer look for the people who are there for a good time. I look for those who pick me up when I’m down and the kind of friends who will offer to pick me up on the side of the road when my car breaks down. 

The kind who worked overtime all week yet will still show up at my house to help me when I feel overwhelmed. The friend who will come over to help organize the kids room. Ones who answer your call  even while they are at work just to make sure you’re ok because it’s been a tough week. A friend  isn’t about who’s there at the top of the mountain but who helped you climb up it and was by your side. A friend doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear but will give you the truth no matter what.

Claire spoke on filler friends but if you have ever heard of the story of the professor with the rocks, pebbles, sand and water,the rocks are the most important. The friends I am describing are the rocks. They are there for you whenever humanly possible and whenever you need them to be. These friends will be there when they are frustrated with you. I am lucky to have at least 3 people I can consider to be at this level. I consider them to be an essential part of reminding me of life’s storms silver linings. They shine bright when push comes to shove.

Sometimes I wonder how I am lucky enough to have friends that treat me like family. But I do know if I was needed and capable to help, I would without hesitation. If you ever wonder how to make friends that are truly there for you, be that friend. It will be noticed. Yes sometimes people will take advantage of it, but that’s their issue not yours. Quality gets quality especially in friendships.

What are some moments that remind you of a great friendship you have? Do you feel it’s important to have a few quality friends? Or would you rather have a large group of friends? Or a mixture of both?

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