My Thoughts on the Current State

I am unimpressed. As I navigate through the jungle of life, I am constantly searching for indicators of this “great” America. How could this adjective be applied when we are average at best? American hypocrisy dictates that as an American, you wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but complain of all the social, political and socioeconomic ills meanwhile doing not a damn thing to change it.

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Silver linings

As a kid, I think a lot of us wanted to fit in with the cool kids, the ones who always seemed to be having a good time. Getting older has really changed my perspective on this. Continue reading

The Year of the Break Up..

She walks around with shackles around her ankles that are a day away from snapping. Continue reading

The end of an Era. My breastfeeding journey. 

I never thought I would be here. I think life is funny like that.  Rarely do we end up in the places we think we are going to go. It’s been about a month since I last breastfed, part of me is sad and part of me is amazed at the power breastfeeding held. I didn’t have to do much to get her calmed down or to sleep when I was able to offer her my breast. Continue reading

Why must I abide by your double standards? T.H.O.T vs Player

T.H.O.T (n.) – that hoe out there. A woman who enjoys sexual variety just as much as a man yet is stigmatized on a higher scale.
Player (n.) – a person who enjoys games. A man who is constantly lauded by society for his numerous female conquests.

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I am a beautiful, smart and FAT woman

I love myself. There, I said it.  I’m naturally a tease, can recite random facts with ease and rock a killer smile that always shines. I feel like I carry my 238 – 250 lbs beautifully with my wide hips, big butt and thick thighs. I am an educated, Haitian woman with multiple degrees and I love to be challenged. I have parents that put me on a pedestal, best friends that put up with my antics and self-confidence that is as large as the sky. I swish and sway as  I move but boiling underneath the surface is a part of me that I despise.

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Motherhood……What they don’t tell you.

“I don’t get a single second to myself.” I text my friend exasperated. As I hit send, my youngest is grabbing onto me to get balanced while my middle child has his arms around my neck. I try to pull them off of me as one cries and the other laughs wildly.

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Void-Where to go from here.

Have you ever had one of those days where your insides feel empty? A void just seems to linger inside your chest. Lately,  days like that have seemed to multiply for me.

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Why do we hate us? Light skinned vs dark skinned

Beauty comes in all shades.

Per historical accounts and through missing pages in modern history books, we all traversed the Atlantic together. Yet, centuries of forced mental mindset and fierce measures to keep us separated have led us to  immeasurable amounts of self hate.

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Mommy Madness

Photograph By María Victoria Heredia Reyes

Being a parent is hard. There I said it. It is difficult, challenging, and sometimes downright annoying. It changes the way you look at your life, goals that you have, and future plans that you want to make. Continue reading